Business Culture

Put three people in a room and you have Politics. Any more and you have a Culture

If your people make your business, and your culture affects your people, then your culture directly influences your success.


Most successful businesses didn't know they were going to succeed, but all very successful companies have a distinct culture. Apple, Virgin, Google and Facebook were all deliberate about their culture right from the start. They designed it, they nurture it and they remain very serious about it.

So if you're going to have a culture anyway, you might as well build one that you want, that everyone will nurture and that will drive your business forwards.

What is the right culture for my business?

There's only one culture for your business – your own! The key is to understand what it is that defines your culture, what makes you different from other companies, and what you need to do to in order for the culture to survive long-term.



We will show you how ...

... to create a culture based on your core business values

... to get your people to live these values

... to recognise and reward the right behaviour

... and to get a group of adult professionals to really believe in it


This needs managing properly, but it need not be hard work.


We work closely with you and your teams to develop the culture that your business needs and that your people will buy-in to.

We have worked with a range of businesses, from Tech to Charities, helping them create the right leadership and business values; workplace behaviour models; and leadership proceses that make it easy to manage the change.