How Coaching Works

The Coaching Sessions

Sessions are focused on outcomes and practical solutions, and you can choose to work individually or in groups. I tailor my approach to the needs and goals of the individual or group and create an environment where you can learn, experiment, experience and think differently.


We'll use a number of Right Brain and Left Brain techniques, drawing from my business background, yoga, visualisation, meditation, martial arts and the very latest Co-Active, Gestalt and Solutions Focused coaching techniques.


Or it could be as simple as a coffee and a chat.


However it develops, I try to make each session purposeful and fun.


Individual coaching takes place in the comfort of your home, your office or any other quiet place you would prefer, usually on a four- to six-weekly basis. 


Group work is designed to address specific needs and we use a wide variety of spaces to help support the process.

How Long Is the Process?

Executive coaching is outcome focused and goal specific, although the goals may change during the coaching contract. I usually recommend 6 sessions to get lasting results for most goal specific issues,  after which our relationship may move onto a mentoring basis.


Business Coaching and Cultral Change workshops are created to address specific issues, and can last from a few hours to full days or more.